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Increase the performance of your team and leaders with the Outdoor Mindset

Productive teams adapt quickly, manage themselves and solve their own problems. They trust each other, are loyal to the organization, and have fun at work.

In other words, they live an Outdoor Mindset.

Our training programs are a combination of experiential learning, collective intelligence and team coaching, to promote trust, creativity and joint achievement.

Our outdoor activities are designed to transfer your workplace challenges to a new yet safe environment, suited to resolving issues together.

We tailor our programs to your specific situation and deliver outdoors, indoors or remotely.

Over the years we have found that these programs lead to sustainable results.


Some of the programs

Module 1

Building teams

  • Build trust and engagement
  • Create dialogue and effective communication
  • Shift focus from individual goals to group goals

Strengthening work relationships, improve communication and enhance interpersonal skills within your team.

Module 1 is designed for teams that are new, teams that have recently experienced change, or teams in need of re-energizing the team spirit.

During this one-day module, we focus on effective communication, teamroles and working towards a common goal.

Throughout the day, the participants will enjoy several experiential activities, accessible for all, followed by debriefs for a 360° feedback. To understand
the collective intelligence within the team and discuss an action plan, we propose an indoor conversational workshop.


Module 2

Create a culture of responsibility

  • Install a culture of ownership
  • Learn creative problem solving as a collective
  • Create balance between strenghts and weaknesses

Encourage autonomy within the team through the understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of yourself and your team.

Module 2 is designed for teams that are established, having a good level of teamwork, and in need of finetuning their overall team performance.

During this one-day module, we focus on self-awareness, leadership,building strategy and creative problem solving (CPS).

Throughout the day, the participants will enjoy several experiential activities, accessible for all, followed by debriefs for a 360° feedback. For more impact
and long-lasting results, we encourage that the team takes the online Belbin® Team Roles assessment and workshop before the experiential day.



Model 3

Leadership Journey

  • Find your own leadership model
  • Experience transformation and evolution of oneself
  • Move from conflict to appreciation into action

Experience the impact of leadership on yourself, your team members and society.

Module 3 is designed for managers and team leaders who like to explore and develop their own leadership model through self-awareness and selfconsciousness.

Over the course of 2 to 3 days, the participants will experience the impact of leadership on oneself, team members and the group. Experimenting and exploring different postures through role-play, coaching and experiential activities helps you find your own leadership model.

The coaching and facilitation tools are designed to take you into a space where you can step back and reflect on your behaviours and ways of interacting when your leadership is called upon.

Belbin Challenge

Find your best-fit Team Role

  • Learn and understand your strengts and weaknesses in a team
  • Discover your team role through a verified assessment
  • Create a effective team

During this 1-day training, you will pass through a variety of carefully developed team development activities. This is a great training for teams, and individuals, who want to discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses and find out what’s missing within the team. And where to find it.

The participants have the possibility to experience, detect and develop multiple team-roles. Through sharing and discussions, the team can then fine-tune and discover the best role distribution for an efficient team.

When chosen the Belbin® Team Role assessments, we can integrate the Team-role of the team members. This is a great option for teams who search for team performance and efficiency. For in-depth understanding, prescheduled 1 on 1 virtual coaching session can be provided.


Disc Challenge

Enhanced communication

  • Experience change
  • Theatre, dynamic activities and 360° feedback
  • Half day or full day training

The DiSC Challenge is the result of a collaboration between Fun and Victory, a team development specialist and Les Coacteurs, creator of Process Comedy and DiSC Comedy.

To test and integrate the different profiles or personality types in a team, we offer you the DiSC Challenge, which is based on DiSC, Process Com and MBTI.

The DiSC Challenge is a carefully designed programme for experiential learning through fun, dynamic activities and theatre.

The DiSC Challenge helps employees to understand each other better through different communication methods. At the same time, the activities allow them to experiment with different methods and behaviours, complemented by in-depth debriefing for 360° feedback.

Creative recruitment

Develop teams that are happy at work, loyall and productive

  • Lower your turn-over
  • Cut down on costs
  • Gain more time with a win-win mindset

How do candidates communicate?
Do they take initiative and motivate others?
How do they manage demand, time and stress?

Imagine being able to observe candidates interacting as a team, listening totheir exchanges and points of view.

We offer carefully designed activities to uncover candidates behind their social masks, reveal their hidden soft skills and talents and bring to life their optimal role in a team.

With tools such as teambuilding, Belbin® team roles, coaching and experiential learning, you will be able to better imagine your new team within your company.

Emotional Management

Divergent thinking and stress management to enhance team spirit

  • Learn to surpass individual limits and those of the team
  • Become more resilient together during difficult situations
  • Through creative problem solving, mutual trust and respect

During this 1.5 day training, you experience complex situations where fatigue, stress and the unknown will manifest multiple emotions. Through open dialogue, trust and coaching, you will understand and test different methods to manage these emotions, as a collective.

As your can imagine, in the outdoors, situations can change rapidly and become complicated, even dangerous. Therefore, we need to be able to adapt quickly, solve problems creatively and be expert in managing our emotions.

During this program, we put you in Outdoor situations where you can experience and test this in a controlled environment.
Night-time orienteering, Bivouac, Building a ropes-course or a river crossing are some of the activities planned to help us manifest the different emotions.