Jeroen Tholen

Jeroen Tholen

Hi there!

I am Jeroen, Dutch born and speaking 3 languages fluently: English, French and Dutch. I have cumulated a total of 20 years of professional experiences worldwide in different sectors. From leading teams in the hospitality and construction industry, to becoming a professional outdoor guide.

As an outdoor professional I have combined experiences in tourism, outdoor education and coorperate events. Now, as a certified team coach, NLP practitioner and facilitator in collective intelligence I focus on developing and transforming teams with through team building, outdoor coaching and Belbin Team Roles.

Passionate with nature, sports and experiential learning, I specialized myself in team building and Outdoor Mindset development. I combine my passions with collective intelligence and NLP to help individuals and organizations navigate through crazy challenges and strengthen their team-work, resilience and interpersonal skills.

My mission: Facilitate teams with an Outdoor Mindset, to become happy, loyal and productive, by cultivating collective insights and experiences.

My vision: Build a world where a natural sense of trust, resilience and combined effort creates a culture of joint achievement

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To help you find your ideal event or any other question about my programs, myself or one of my partners, please contact me. I am delighted to help you out.

+41 22 575 47 17 or +33 6 51 59 45 29

The Team


My passions: Different types of mountain sports, personal development and Capoeira


My passions: Preserving the apiculture and nature in general, mountain hiking and fondue Savoyard!


My passions: traveling, learning new cultures, African dance and helping people find what drives them


My passions: Nature and discovering new people, cultures and activities, barbeques and putting a smile on people’s faces