Jeroen Tholen

“The key is to have teams dream of their journey. The outdoor mindset lets them shoot for the stars.”

Hi there!

My name is Jeroen and my vision is to create a world where a natural sense of trust, resilience, and collaborative effort form the foundation for a culture of shared accomplishments. My mission is to introduce the outdoor mindset and facilitate teams in their journey towards happiness and success by fostering collective insights and experiences. I have over 20 years of diverse professional experience in various sectors worldwide. My career journey has taken me from leading teams in the hospitality and construction industry to becoming a licensed professional outdoor guide. As a certified team coach, facilitator in collective intelligence, and accredited in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Belbin, I am dedicated to developing and transforming teams through experiential learning. To ensure the safety of my clients and my team, I have multiple safety accreditations such as .

Having launched my concept back in 2007, I run Fun & Victory company and is a Partner of Performant Group.

I work in Dutch, English and French


The Team

Clement Cohen, Austrian

“…what people fear more than change, is that tomorrow everything remains the same.”

Clement COHEN built Scala, a $275 million publicly listed enterprise, from a handful of people into a 1’500-strong company within 6 years, with offices in 35 countries. In his role as a COO, he founded a corporate university and attributes his success to the High Performance Teams program developed there. Clement served as Corporate Strategy Officer at an NGO specializing in innovation, a Non-Exec Director and a Board Coach.  He was a named partner at Cohen & Simons, specializing in turn-around and restructuring. Clement is a Chartered Engineer from Warwick University where he won “The Plessy Industry Award” and holds post-graduate degrees in management from Westminster University and London Business School.
He founded Performant Group in Switzerland in 2012.

​Clement speaks English, German, Spanish and French.

Tatiana Matveeva, Russian and Swiss

“…new ideas often feel risky, there will be times when you succeed and times when you fail. Both are equally important to learn and grow”

Tatiana MATVEEVA brings 19-years’ experience working in big multi-nationals –  Pepsi International Bottlers and JTI. She specializes in talent management, executive development and workplace mediation with a holistic grasp of HR-related processes. Originally from Russia, she has worked out of Canada, Germany and Switzerland serving internal clients and external partners globally from over 100 nationalities. Tatiana holds a Masters degree with honors in teaching and linguistics, is an accredited mediator, coach, and project manager, as well as a practitioner of PI®, NEO™ and SHL™ psychometric tools including Belbin® Team Roles.

Tatiana speaks Russian, English and French.

Sharia Walker, Saudi and American

Embrace the clash of perspectives, for within it lies the raw material of growth and transformation.​


Sharia WALKER is passionate about creating positive change and enhancing human relationships in the workplace. She is committed to providing her clients with the tools and resources they need to resolve conflict and grievances effectively and build more collaborative and productive relationships. She is a conflict management and leadership practitioner with over 15 years of professional experience having worked in a variety of sectors, including the public and private sectors, as well as intergovernmental organisations and NGOs. She is a skilled mediator, negotiator, and trainer. Ms. Walker holds multiple higher education degrees specialising in education management, conflict analysis and resolution, diplomacy and international relation from King’s College London, University of San Diego, and the Fletcher School, respectively. She founded Walker Institute in 2013 and is a Partner of Performant Group based in Switzerland.

Sharia speaks English, Arabic, and Italian.​

Annika Mansson, Swedish

“Through our partnership of Happy-at-Work with Performant Group, my clients get the best of both: High Performance and a Happy Workforce.”


Annika MANSSON has worked for 15 years for Danone Group as Marketing & Communications Director.  She is an advocate and keynote speaker for “Happy-at-Work” and has worked internationally as an expert in leadership, team development and cultural intelligence. Annika is a co-founder and editor of Managerama.TV, an online television channel for managers and HR professionals. She holds a Masters in Marketing, is accredited in coaching and adult education, and is an NLP,  MBTI® and Belbin® practitioner. Annika runs her company Happy-at-Work, which is an accredited partner of Performant Group.

Annika speaks Swedish, English and French.

Romain Malatier, French

“…to instill change, i create momentum for a positive, motivating future.”

Romain Malatier, has worked for 18 years as team-leader and manager for the French retail groups Leroy Merlin and Boulanger before converting to helping individuals in their personal development. As a Life-long learner, Romain is passionate about exploring different tools and techniques in order to support his clients with sustainable results. As a professional coach, he is accredited in Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP), Neuro-science, Hypnosis, Systemic approach and Mental preparation.

Romain works in French

Susanne Melim, French

“…life is an adventure, therefore, anything on your path is an opportunity to make it dynamic”

Susanne Melim is a student and working with Fun and Victory as an apprentice for almost 2 years now. She is a very joyful person and at the same time very dedicated to her work with a passion for helping people. Susanne has accumulated in the last few years experiences in several industries such as retail and hospitality in France, Malta and Ireland. Passionate about boxing, she co-founded a boxing club in southern France. Susanne is Belbin Team Roles accredited.

Susanne works French and English


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