Fun and Victory

Save time and energy by building teams that are happy, loyal and productive

Specialized in mountain sports and outdoor mindset coaching, we offer fun, original and dynamic activities to strengthen team work, managing skills and to work on improving company objectives.

Through team building, outdoor coaching and team outings, we help creating strong links and trust to reunite your teams. Using nature and sports is a great approach to step out of the ordinary course of business, and to unify with your team in a safe environment where we stimulate communication and strengthen relations.

Fun and Victory is based in the Haute-Savoy, France, situated in the heart of nature and mountains, 20 minutes from Annecy and Geneva.

We offer multilingual activities, customizable towards your needs and the company culture.


Team building

What is team building exactly? Team building originates from a series of experiments conducted by Elton Mayo in the late 1920s, called ‘the Hawthorne studies’. Nowadays, many companies and organizations use team building to improve work relations, effectiveness and trust.

There are many types of team building activities out there, in different forms and with different results and goals. It is important to know why you want to engage in a team building activity before choosing from all the options we can find on the market.

At Fun and Victory we distinguish the difference between team building (increase performance), team coaching (problem solving) and team outings (motivational).

Each team building activity that we propose will be constructed to your pecific needs and situation. Through dynamic activities, experiential learning and collecive intelligence we give you optimal results and an unforgettable experience.

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Outdoor coaching

A thriving business needs an effective and motivated team, good management skills and leadership to enhance the relations between management and their team.

As mentioned above, we distinguish the difference between team building, team coaching and team outings.

To help you get the best effectiveness and productivity from the teams in your organisations specific situation, we have created different types of seminars and coaching programs.

Our seminars and coaching programs, outdoors, indoors or remote are all created through the “Outdoor Mindset“.

I have created Outdoor Mindset Coaching for organisations that are in need of motivated, loyal and productive teams. Especially during a crises or other complicated times and situations.

Organized in nature, inside or online, Fun and Victory helps you to identify the points of improvement for your company and attain adapted and personalized methods to become stronger and more productive.

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Our strength


All our activities are guided by a professional, in places designated for this purpose. They are organized to your level of ability.


With the perfect harmony between sport and coaching, our activities are created to reach the determined goals.


We propose effective and original activities. With limited sized groups, we provide optimal results !


Respect, integrity, quality and professionalism are our keywords. Learn through experience is our belief.


Fun and Victory
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