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Fun and Victory

Save time and energy, build teams that are happy, loyal and productive

Specialized in team building and Outdoor Mindset development.

Fun and Victory offers fun, original and dynamic activities to strengthen team work and interpersonal skills.

We tailor our programs to your specific situation and deliver outdoors, indoors or remotely.

What is unique about all our activities is that teams develop practices and behaviours that are relevant to the workplace.

For example, in order to build trust, we start by having everyone articulate components needed to trust others. Such as honest feedback, respect and reliability. From here, we immerse your team into a series of carefully crafted activities, to address each component. Each activity builds on the other, enabling the team to earn mutual trust.

Fun and Victory is based in the heart of the Alps, 20 minutes from Geneva International Airport.

We have delivered world-wide.


Why Outdoor Mindset

As a professional outdoor guide, I have worked with many different teams over the past 14 years. From organizing expeditions, to team building and leadership development. I found that, being in nature and exploring different types of dynamic activities has a real impact on teams from all types of backgrounds and experiences.

I’m sure that you know, how well people respond to physical activities, fresh air and inspiring scenery.The outdoor setting does this naturally and boosts morale, creativity and happiness.
It also comes with the unknown and the unexpected, just like at work. For instance, an outdoor guide and it’s team need to be focused, autonomous, creative, adaptable and goal orientated. Especially during a crisis or other complicated times and situations. We achieve this with the Outdoor Mindset.

I know, it can be difficult to get complete teams together in the outdoors, especially when dispersed over multiple locations. For this, I developed the benefits of the Outdoor Mindset for indoor or remote activities.
I achieved this by carefully observing how team members interact, grow and communicate in the outdoors and how they translate this to their workplace.

What gives these experiences more impact and value is the use of different types of coaching, NLP and collective intelligence.


Our Team building events and Programs

Come to us to increase the drive and efficiency of your team and we will design a team building event for you.

Discover some clients favourite events on the Team building menu.

For in-depth team development check out some of our Programs which increase the overall performance of your teams and leaders.

Each program is put together to overcome specific internal obstacles by using a variety of activities and tools in a unique experience.

Whichever format you choose, we specifically tailor each activity to meet your needs and expectations.

Over the years we have found that the combination of team coaching, pragmatic tools and collective intelligence leads to sustainable results.

Outdoors, indoors or remotely, we bring the Outdoor Mindset to the benefit of organizations.