Build teams that are happy, loyal and productive

A motivated team creates a good atmosphere, a good company image and becomes more productive and successful !

Therefore, strengthening work relations and the communication within a team is essential !

Fun and Victory proposes fun and dynamic outdoor ~ indoor ~ remote team building activities tailor fit to your specific needs and situation.

Our team building activities are all created and accompanied by a professional outdoor guide and certified team coach and facilitator.

We put our mission in constructing the programs to help you in achieving your professional goals and to build a united and committed team.



Problem solving



Effective remote working

Since COVID-19, almost every organization has been forced to incorporate remote working as part of their standard operations.

The first challenge was to work and manage teams remotely using all that different technology.

The challenge now becomes how to keep teams motivated, loyal and productive.

“5 one minute tips for effective remote working” is my contribution to help you overcome the current challenges.

Each one minute video tip comes with a top-notch download that is easy to apply and adapt.


Outdoor team building

Nature, a change of scenery, dynamic and fun activities help increase the effect of team-building.

Fun and Victory proposes fun and sportive team building in a natural, outdoors environment,

all customized to your need and level of physical competenses.

In the mountains, next to a lake, in a parc or even a good sized rooftop.

We will construct our activities not only around your objective, also around your ideal location.

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Indoor ~ Remote team building

Altough outdoor team-building sounds amazing, at Fun and Victory we know this is not always possible for every organization or situation.

Therefore, we created multiple effective team-building activities for you and your team to enjoy indoors or online with your teams during remote working.

Increase your teams communication and organisational skills through collective thinking, collective insights and collective experiences.

Our activities, are constructed not only around your needs and objective, also around specific situation.

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Sportive team outings

To motivate your team, enhance work relationships, and to obtain a better cohesion, we offer sportive and memorable team outings !

Rafting, Via Ferrata or mountain hiking are perfect sports to boost the morale and energy of your team

They are amazing to share pleasant moments between colleaguesbut also to create stronger informal links.

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Adapted to the level of the team and the needs of the company

Close to your workplace

In a park, a forest or with our business partner, the Chateau des Avenières.

Stimulating and sportive

Safe and innovative activities, within the respect of nature.