Build teams that are happy, loyal and productive

A motivated team creates a good atmosphere, a good company image and is more productive and successful !

Therefore, strengthening work relations and the communication within a team always pays off !

That’s why Fun and Victory organizes fun and dynamic activities adapted to your needs and your specific situation, outdoors, in-house or remotely.

All our team building activities are accompanied by professionally accredited guides, coaches and facilitators.

Our mission is to develop programs that allow you to reach your professional goals and develop united and committed teams.

We pride ourselves in our activities that have been refined over 15 years and which have been experienced by over 750 teams worldwide.

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The Architect bridge

Product or project collaboration

  • Improve collaboration between various teams, divisions or suppliers.
  • This activity is specially designed to promote the co-production of a product or project between different specialists or suppliers.

Island Challenge

Remote communication and problem solving : a winning duo !

  • Teamwork and remote communication, these skills are emphasized during this team building activity.
  • To reach the goal and overcome obstacles: effective collaboration based on problem solving is the key!

Yukon Escape

An escape game dedicated to team communication

  • An outdoor-escape game with multiple activities. Each activity has its own objective to improve teamwork and communication. Each successful activity gives additional means to reach the next activity!
  • A very complete activity to improve your team on different aspects of communication, project management, problem solving…

Leadership Challenge Course

A very special team building activity to test a new project or a new hire

  • We create an obstacle course translatable to a real project in your company. Your team has to make a revenue estimate, calculate profits, design a project plan, assign roles to each member and complete the same course several times.
  • As a Talent Program for your managers or in a search for new talent, the Leadership challenge course helps you see and become more aware of the candidates.

River Crossing

A complex and exciting activity that delight your (team) leaders !

  • A real, complex and exciting project. Create your own course of zip lines, monkey bridges, rope bridges, or wooden walkways.
  • You must count on a flawless organization, effective safety management, project management skills and essential teamwork.

Obstacle course

The ideal team building activity to stimulate your project management skills

  • Imagine and create your own obstacle course together ! You will go through 4 phases : study of the location and the material, creation of the plan, construction of the course and the most exciting, the test of the course !
  • An ideal activity to stimulate your project managers, organization and teamwork skills.

Pirates of the Savoie

Learn to strike while protecting your treasure !

  • Retrieve the treasure of the opposing team while defending your own treasure against your opponents.
  • In this activity, the team goes through 2 phases. In the first phase, the teams split up to finalize a plan and test it. In the second phase, the battle can begin ! Teams build a wooden bridge to steal the other team’s treasure and create a catapult to protect their own treasure.

Art Challenge

Experience an artistic challenge !

  • Create a work of art together
  • 5 different challenges where the emphasis is on teamwork, communication and problem solving

Pont de la Caille

Defy the laws of communication...

  • From different “banks” (real or fictional), using construction materials such as beams and ropes, each team builds a bridge that meets in the middle.
  • The crux is that there are 15-minute periods of absolute silence every 15 minutes to spice up the game. During the open communication periods, only the designated ‘leaders’ are allowed to communicate with the other side.

The Lost Team

Let us guide you through this very special orientation course

  • The lost team is a very special orienteering course !
  • You walk in 3 separate teams, each with a walkie-talkie, a map, a compass, a pen and paper.
    Each team has a map with the route of the other team. With the help of instructions adapted to the direction (all azimuths / landmarks taken by colleagues), transmitted by walkie-talkie, the teams guide each other along the route.

Multi-activities 1

6 activities to increase team performance (n°1)

  • Nazca Lines- Spider Web – The maze – The Bridge of Silence – Equilateral Triangle – Blind Balance Beam
  • These are short activities to increase team performance: each activity course is the subject of moments of debriefs and constructive feedback.

Multi-activities 2

6 activities to increase team performance (n°2)

  • Slackline course- Unbreakable Egg – Mission Impossible – Mini orientation course – Catapult challenge – Trust fall
  • These are short activities to increase team performance: each activity course is the subject of moments of debriefs and constructive feedback.


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