Outdoor Team building: Let the outdoors be your catalyst !

Improve team effectiveness through fun outdoor activities

Nature, a change of scenery and fun activities help increase the effect of team building.

Fun and Victory proposes fun outdoor team building, all tailored to your needs and the level of physical competences within your team.

In the mountains, next to a lake, in a parc or even a good sized rooftop.

We will construct our activities not only around your objective, also around your ideal location.

Below you will find some of our proposals, each with different outcomes and settings.


Technical Team building

The Yukon escape

The Yukon escape is a sort of escape room, but outdoors.

With this team building activity, you will be using skills like coordination, orientation, balance, communication, precision, trust and teamwork. Your team will have to complete multiple tasks to be able to advance throughout the challenges!

Physically demanding

Relay Race

The relay race is an obstacle course where different teams compete against each other for perfection, communication, and speed.

While some of the team members build an art piece, others will try and overcome challenging obstacles and help communication between the different relay points !

Physically demanding

River crossing

Build your own amazing river crossing !

With different types of gear, your team will start by making an action plan. Ones the plan is accepted by the guide, they can start building.

Rope-bridges, zip-lines, wooden structures. Let imagination be a guideline for a fun and safe course over the river.

Through this team building activity, you work on creativity, team-work, planning, organisation and task division.

Physically demanding

The Maze

The team is split up and locked outside a maze in which several points are scattered in the field. Without touching the ground, the teams need to work effectively together if they want to collect the points.

To find the way through the maze, the teams need to build walkways so they can move through the areas impracticable on food.

For this exercise, planning, teamwork and strategy will help you cross!

Physically demanding

Construction Team building

Pirates des Savoies

The group is divided in several teams, each given an isolated territory and a treasure.

The goal is to pirate the treasure of your components, without having pirated your own . To achieve the goal, you must build a bridge to invade the other territories while at the same time build a catapult to defend yours.

A team building activity full of action and hysterics, but don’t forget to organize!

Physically demanding

Obstacle course 2.0

For this team building activity, the group is divided in multiple teams. Each team is given construction materials (beams, ropes, tarpes, webbing, and more) .

Each team will construct an obstacle course for the other team(s). When the different obstacle courses are done and validated by the guide, the teams will race on each others obstacle course!

Task devision, communication, organization and leadership will help you get the best course!

Physically demanding

Pont de la Caille

The group is divided in two teams, each on one side of the (fictional) river. Here, they are given construction materials (beams, ropes).

They must construct a bridge to towards eachother, which is sollid enough to support the weight of the whole team. Throughout the activity, there will be moments of silence, where the teams are not allowed to talk.

Think as individuals and as a team, communication, planning and action!

Physically demanding

Orientation Team building

The lost team

During this team building activity your are split up in 3 teams. Each team hikes in different directions with a compass and handheld radio to communicate with each other.

Only one team has the map with the itineraries of all 3 teams, which they must use to guide themselves and the other 2 teams.

The team discovers the importance of active listening, constructive exchange and effective transfer of information.

Physically demanding

Create, Hide, Hunt

Devided in several teams, each team will start by creating a treasure hunt. Come up with a good plan, and hide the treasures.

When each team has properly finished making their treasure hunt, they will exchange the maps/instructions and start hunting.

Trust and respect is important, the treasure hunts need to be practicable. Orientation and plannification are important to build the treasure hunt together.

Physically demanding

Nazca lines

Split up in 2 teams, with a compass and handheld radio in hand, the group must design giant forms using pegs and ropes.

Team A guides from a distance team B with their creation using distances and degrees (and vise versa).

Through imagination, great teamwork, efficient communication and mutual trust the designs will become amazing.

Physically demanding

Winter Team building

The winter games are complementary to many of the other activities we can offer in winter

Winter Relay Race

The winter relay race is an obstacle course where different teams compete against each other for perfection, communication, and speed.

On each relay point they build a snow sculpture. The most beautiful wins (perfection) and the best unity of them will win (communication) ! Between each relay point, team members must overcome challenging obstacles, first team at the finish wins (speed) !

Think as a team; communication, organization and action!

Physically demanding

Catapult and Sculpture

With this team-building activity, the group is divided in two (or more) teams, each given materials to build a catapult.

The goal is to build an amazing snow sculpture, man high and within the given time. But beware, by using their catapult, your opponents are allowed to try and prevent you from building!

An activity full of action, hysterics and frustration.

Can you stay focused and organized ?

Physically demanding

Night-time treasure hunt

A treasure hunt, but in darkness.

During winter months, the days are shorter, the nights are longer and therefore it is a great time for a night-time treasure hunt!

In nature, equipped with torches, a compass, a map and a series of indications, the team needs to find a way to guide themselves towards the treasures.

A situation that imposes a strong team cohesion to be able to get out of the total darkness of the forest.

Physically demanding


In a park, forest or any other suited venue

I'll meet you where you are

Adapted to the level of the team and the needs of your organization

Stimulating and dynamic

Innovative and safe activities, respecting nature