Indoor and remote: be efficient, wherever you are !

Be adaptable and creative with the Outdoor Mindset

Although outdoor team-building sounds amazing, at Fun and Victory we know this is not always possible for every organization or situation.

Therefore, we created multiple effective team-building activities for you and your team to enjoy indoors or online with your teams during remote working.

Increase internal communication and organizational skills through collective insights and collective experiences.

Our activities, are constructed not only around your needs and objective, also around specific situation.

Below you will find some of our proposals, each with different outcomes and settings.

The outdoor project

The Outdoor Project is an online project that the team needs to work on together. Remotely.

During 2 – 3 separate virtual sessions, the team will build a plan to organize a survival hike, creating river crossings or building an obstacle course.

To achieve their objective, the team will: split up in work groups, make (team) inventory, divide tasks, do research, plan and discuss in subgroups and with the whole team and finally, present their plan to the coach.

The team will learn how to effectively work on a new type of project. They also learn to make an effective communication framework and team inventory that will also help them for any future tasks and work projects.

The coach will give all necessary information for them to be able to start and stays available during the sessions for any questions.

Option: The plan, when well-formed and accepted by the coach, can one day be carried out in real life.

Team performance puzzle

The Team Performance Puzzle is a puzzle that helps your team become more efffective through practice.

This online puzzle can be completed online and facilitated by one of your team leaders.

The puzzle, consisting 30 different cards has a innovative approach for learning by connecting creativity with logic.

When the puzzles cards are divided over your team, they will have to understand and learn how to communicate their card without showing it to the rest of the team. After all information and description of all cards are shared and discussed, the team must try to put the puzzle together as soon as possible.

The team leader will put all Puzzle cards in the suggested place while sharing screen. The team will learn through this exercise and can share and discuss ideas on how to go quicker to the solution.

You can order here the online version or if preferred the A5 card deck to do during your yearly seminars.

Your customized Indoor or Remote experience

During the last 14 years as outdoor guide and coach, I have learned and developed a great number of small activities and workshops.

Depending on your needs and expectations, we tailor a program from this multitude of different types of fun, easy and dynamic activities and workshops.

These are easy to put together and most are adaptable to any location and group size.

Contact us directly here and we will be happy to work with and for you to build a fun, dynamic learning experience for your team.


In a park, forest or any other suited venue

I'll meet you where you are

Adapted to the level of the team and the needs of your organization

Stimulating and dynamic

Innovative and safe activities, respecting nature