Improve yourself with experience based learning !

Optimize your efficiency ?

Reinforce communication ?

Become a leader ?

With our philosophy “learning through experience”, we reflect situations found in your company towards a natural environment where you can encounter difficulties and experiment with problem solvings.

During our seminars, we mix physical and pedagogical activities, role-play, collective intelligence, PNL and coaching for optimal results. The outdoor activities are set up to put you “out of the comfort zone” and to identify points of improvement and to understand your capabilities.


Our coaching


Experiential learning

What better method to learn then through experience ?

Use the benefits of outdoor coaching  and experiential learning to you evolve personally or as a team : communication, organizing, managing from a distance, solutions focus and more.

  • Simulations with a professional coach
  • Customized role-play
  • Duration : 1/2 to 1 day
Fun and Victory

Team coaching

The source of obstacles and conflicts can be numerous and hard to identify.

To become more effective and to resolve stressing situations, we created activities that help you to express yourself, listen, accept mistakes and to keep an open mind.

  • Short, fun, sportive and pedagogical activities
  • Close to your company
  • Duration : 1 to 4 hours
Fun and Victory

A Leadership Journey

What is a leader, and how do I become one? Leadership is not a status, it's a way of being.

A thriving business needs leadership that unites managers with their team. Fun and Victory offers to help you develop and increase your leadership within a unique setting.

  • Indoors and outdoors exercises
  • Role-play, collective intelligence and coaching
  • Duration : 2, 3 or 5 days


Adapted to the level of the team and the needs of the company.

Close to your workplace

In a park, a forest or with our business partner, the Chateau des Avenières.

Stimulating and sportive

Safe and innovative activities, within the respect of nature.