Improve your team and organization with the Outdoor Mindset

We live in a constant changing world. This is generally a good thing, since this gives us new opportunities and experiences.

It also gives us new challenges since the workforce and the way we work changes very rapidly. Therefore as a succesful organization, you need to be able to adapt quickly, create autonomous teams and install different maneragial methods to keep your team motivated, loyal and productive.

During 14 years we trained teams to become more effective in the outdoors. Fun and Victory created from this 2 different types of coaching:

Outdoor coaching and indoors ~ remote “Outdoor Mindset” coaching.

Organized in nature, inside or online, Fun and Victory helps you to identify the points of improvement for your company and attain adapted and personalized methods to become stronger and more productive.

We use a mix of experiential learning, collective intelligenc, team coaching, NLP and outdoor activities to help you create a culture of trust, creativity and joint achievement.


Outdoor coaching

Constructed, specifically to reflect certain situations found in your company, we take your team in a natural, outdoor environment.

Here they can challenge and experiment with these difficulties while enhancing teamwork, leadership skills and methods of problem solvings.

Our unique way of working gives not only direct, but also long lasting results. Through experiential learning, NLP, Collective Intelligence and outdoor activities, your team will experience moments so strong and exceptional, they will be carved into their memory and way of working.

Therefore, if team members fall back on old habits, you only need to help them remember those experiences


Outdoor Mindset coaching

Outdoors ~ Indoors ~ Remote. The Outdoor Mindset is developped to be effective in every situation.

Articless,studies and organizations are talking all about resilience, creativity, problem solving and building autonomous teams. In the outdoors, we can’t risk talking about it, we need to act on it if we hope to reach our goal or get ourselves out of difficult situation.

To help you build teams and organizations that have all these needed skills, indoors or during remote work we created Outdoor Mindset coaching. Through analogies and (virtual) simulations, we bring the Outdoor Mindset to the benefit of your organization.

What makes Outdoor Mindset coaching with Fun and Victory special is

mixing team coaching, collective intelligence, NLP and all the situations and experiences in the outdoors.


Adapted to the level of the team and the needs of the company.

Close to your workplace

In a park, a forest or with our business partner, the Chateau des Avenières.

Stimulating and sportive

Safe and innovative activities, within the respect of nature.